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At Beta Virtual Assistance, we take pride in meeting our clients and serving their businesses. 

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Meet Jessica Freeman, 

business owner

Lover of Knowledge, Creative, Friend to those in need, Introvert, Impassioned spokesperson and educator

  • Acclaimed Pianist, Organist, and Accompanist

    I am a longtime solopreneur offering lessons and music services; check out a performance video from my last recital HERE.

  • Expert Volunteer Treasurer

    I have served multiple organizations as a volunteer bookkeeper and treasurer including Lincoln Music Teachers Association, Nebraska Friends of Midwives, Lincoln Friday Classes, and St. Mark's-on-the-Campus Episcopal Church.  I also spent four years running the Music Outreach Program. I have a particular passion for DOING THINGS RIGHT.

  • Hobbies and Interests

    I love playing with fabric, beads, and yarns by quilting, beading, crocheting, knitting, and tatting.  I also love making music with my family, as well as reading, learning, and researching new ideas.

  • Other Passions

    You can often find me dabbling in Duolingo (I officially studied Spanish and German at University, but also have begun Japanese and Italian for fun) or playing with spreadsheets.  I also enjoy family games.

  • Family Influences

    I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my husband and three children.  We share the house with two crazy cats who are definitely in charge of our activities.

Meet Gabriel Marks


Student, Creative, Friend, Introvert, Lover of Animals

  • Education

    Gabriel is a homeschooled teenager currently studying school subjects like Spanish, Biology, and Geometry.

  • Viola and Fiddle

    Gabriel loves to fiddle and perform as a violist or guitarist with his siblings or by himself.  He is a new member of the Lincoln Youth Symphony.  He won the Senior Division of the 2019 Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival in Beatrice, Nebraska and looks forward to competing as a "Legend" when pandemic closures ease.  (link to a video coming soon!)

  • Hobbies and Interests

    Currently, Gabriel is exploring entrepreneurship with his mom as well as learning coding and programming skills while he designs video games and explores Minecraft online.

  • Family 

    Gabriel adores our two feline companions: Felicity and Fanny. He also enjoys the opportunity to be an occasional only child when his siblings are off exploring the world.

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Beta Virtual Assistance:

here for you when you need us

At Beta Virtual Assistance, we are confident we can provide your business with the online support and assets you need to thrive, so you can focus your time serving your clients.  With our variety of custom built solutions and our commitment to you to make it right, you can count on us to expand your online presence and introduce you to even more potential customers.  Check out the services we offer or contact us to explore your possibilities.


Your Happiness is Our Success!