Tired of doing it alone?


The world is a tough place to make a living right now. So many people are trying to make ends meet by starting an online side-business.


Are you one of them?


Are you interested in an online side-business (or full-time business!) and you don't know where to start, or  you've already started and you feel like you're not making any headway?


I've been there.....

I'm Jessica.

Beta Virtual Assistance, CEO

When I made the jump to online marketing, I was immediately overwhelmed by all the products out there I could sell, the tech I needed to set up, and the processes I needed to learn to be successful.


Joining an international tribe of inspiring people made all the difference for me.


I may still struggle (a lot!), but I have lots of resources including:

  • daily mentorship (zoom sessions on various topics led by mentors OR 1:1 with other members), 
  • best of their kind products to promote/sell, thoroughly vetted by the team; usually one large promotion per month with a few other evergreen options
  • bonus trainings in Pinterest, Facebook strategies, writing and publishing a book as a lead magnet, and more
  • inspiring interviews of what other members are doing
  • encouragement, guidance, and a place to ask questions where the answer is usually just a moment or two away
  • a real community that cares about me and where I care about them: a welcoming place for people of all nationalities, beliefs, and time zones
  • training from one of the best salespeople in the world, Mr. Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush: a person who is out to change the world of internet marketing for the better and who inspires all of us to improve every day
  • an opportunity to sell high-quality high-ticket products that I can sample personally for the 30-day promotion window. (And believe me when I tell you, these classes are so amazing that I've ended up purchasing a few for myself....and they've been the best purchases I've made!)

Join the Wait List....and start your Adventure!