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Disclaimer: in the following post I will be talking about my personal experiences with investing in cryptocurrency.  All investments are risky and you should only take action with money you are willing to lose.  I am not your financial advisor nor should you make purchases on my recommendations without doing your own due diligence.  Also, you should assume any links in this blogpost are either affiliate links or links to my own personal products.  I only recommend products that I whole-heartedly endorse and any commissions earned from your purchases do not increase your costs.





The very mention of the word used to give me the heebie-jeebies.


As a self-taught investor who subscribes to way too many financial newsletters, I have been hearing about Bitcoin for years.


At first it was just chatter.  I wasn’t sure how to buy any, so I mostly ignored it.


I think there was a lot of chatter in 2017 when Bitcoin made a move in price from around $1000 to nearly $20,000 by the end of the year.


I definitely heard about it.  And I definitely was developing some FOMO  (fear of missing out).


I could just tell from all the talk that Bitcoin was probably going to stick around and investing in it sooner, rather than later, would probably bring some hefty financial rewards.


But I still didn’t know how.




The Ignominious Start


In the spring of 2018, one of the financial newsletters I subscribe to mentioned a new way to buy Bitcoin.


At that time, the only way I knew to own Bitcoin was to mine it (how in the world do you do that?!) or to somehow figure out which crypto exchange wasn’t a scam and then figure out all the terminology and tools (how to access wallets and keys and not succumb to the dangers of hackers and lost passwords).


It sounded way too hard and I was busy raising a family and working multiple jobs with a little investing on the side.


But now there was the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which was basically an ETF invested in Bitcoin and something that I could purchase through my normal brokerage.


Well, I had a bad case of crypto-lust by then and I really wanted to be invested in Bitcoin.  So I bought 100 shares to see what would happen at a price of $15.30 in April.


Sadly, this is what happened to Bitcoin that year:



Bitcoin is taking over the world.  Are you going to jump in?


A Better Way To Invest?



Over the last eighteen months, pretty much every financial newsletter and service I subscribe to has put out a special newsletter with crypto recommendations, but I haven’t bought into any of them.


Everything still sounded too hard.


Until I started hearing some rumors in my affiliate group.


See, I belong to this company as an affiliate that promotes higher ticket classes and “business-in-a-box” type solutions such as The Wholesale Formula, which teaches one how to make a living selling for Amazon, the Experience Product Masterclass, which teaches one how to make and market your own digital courses to profit from the online education boom, or Quiz Funnels, which teaches you how to find customers through quizzes.


But there was some chatter from the owners of the company that they were testing a crypto investing strategy.


And it was awesome.


My ears perked up.


I really respect the products that my company promotes, which is one of the reasons that I joined up.  If they were interested in a crypto investing class, I wanted in!


They invited us to join a Discord channel where some of the early students were posting their results.  The teacher of the class, Dan Hollings, was charging $10,000 a student to tutor them in his method that he had spent the previous three years perfecting.  (The same three years that I had been invested…..but he managed a lot more success after a LOT of trial and error and quite a lot of money invested and lost!)


Jealously, I watched as the students posted positive results.  Nobody was losing.  Could I scrape up $10,000 plus the amount I would need to start investing?


It was then that they announced they were putting together a beta class for the course.  I watched avidly.

This Class teaches you the basics of investing in cryptocurrency
One of my actual crypto investments earning me money!

  A picture of one of my recent Trading Bots: all of the dots are trades that earned me money!  


How to Trade in Cryptocurrencies

Without Losing Your Shirt

Claim your free report and sign up for the webinar that explains it all!

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about beginning investing strategies in cryptocurrencies and how to get started, check out Dan’s book: One Coin, Two Coin, What Coin, Bitcoin (Amazon Affiliate link). 


And feel free to message me at with any questions you have after reading all this.  I could talk about investments and my crypto-bots all day!

Who will beat inflation?  Bitcoin, Ethereum, or The Dollar?


Real Life Results From a Real Life Person


You might be wondering how my investments are doing since I started the class.


I started with $7064 set up in three bots at the end of June.


One day, while I was travelling on a plane from England back to America, one of my bots (Dogecoin, actually) went crazy and paid me $207 on an initial investment of $1895.  (Full disclaimer: It’s recommended you start with approximately $3000 for each bot investment, but I fudged things a little.)


Last  month (August), my bots were paying out an average of $10-$20 per day. That is $10-$20 I can take out to pay my bills or reinvest in new strategies.  


I thought that was pretty good, but towards the end of the month The Plan released Coin recommendations that we could try for ourselves. I set up demobots on the four that were available for my trade exchange (Kraken) and watched in awe as they earned $10 EACH per day!


Eleven days ago I closed out one of my bot pairs that was earning $1-2 per day and picked a new one from the demo-bots to start:  it did not disappoint! In eleven days, I’ve earned $172 on an initial investment of $3000.  In fact, I just crossed $1000 in bot earnings since I started two and a half months ago, in addition to the increase in value of my coins.  My initial crypto experiment of $10,000 (I bought some Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) with the $3000 not invested in trading bots) has now increased to $14,827….which is almost a 50% return!


Can you earn that level of return in your bank account?

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