Are you tired of

managing your Social Media?

As a Small Business Owner, you have a lot on your plate.

Juggling your customers,  products, and employees is a full-time job, not to mention keeping up with the latest pandemic policies, riots, and politics that might affect your business.

Supervision, regulation, administration.....

there's always something more to do, and only so many hours in the day to do it.


If you're like me, the thought of Social Media gives you a headache!


​How in the world can you be expected to keep up with all the latest trends,

let alone platforms, memes, and algorithms?



It used to be enough to run a newspaper ad or an occasional tv commercial.

Now you NEED a website.

And a Facebook page.

And a Twitter Account, LinkedIn Profile, and Instagram, at the minimum.


And you need to keep all of them updated with endless streams of content.  


Even better if it rotates through fun jokes, interesting articles, and the latest and greatest media content.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.....





Let us help you!

Beta Virtual Assistance

Jessica Freeman, owner

I'm a small business owner, just like you, trying to navigate and juggle it all.

But I have a secret weapon on my side: a system to automate and optimize my Social Media accounts so that I can spend more time and energy on the other aspects of my business.


And I'd LOVE to put it to work for YOU!





Social Covers

What is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your Facebook page?


The Facebook Cover Photo


​Splashed right across the top of your page and using all of that 

prime advertising space.


What if you could use that space to advertise more about your business?  Your hours, contact info, logo, mottos, products offered, and more?


What if you could change that photo regularly to create interest for consumers of Facebook and advertise new services or policies?


What if you could also add the same information (with the same branded colors, logos, styles, and more) across ALL of your Social Media platforms?


And what if someone else could do it for you?



Done for you.

On your schedule.

Instead of wasting countless hours trying to figure out Canva and design templates by yourself, trust our software to build the templates for you. Each cover is optimized to perform equally well on computer, tablet, or phone, and when a platform changes its size or layout, you can be sure we've got you Covered.


With over two years of research and design work, our Social Media Covers are PROVEN to help you engage new customers.  And they are completely customizable to your brand and image so that customers can grow to recognize YOU.


Our design team will send you a simple questionnaire each month for your recommendations, then send you draft copies if you want preapproval.  


We then send the final copies for you to post yourself, or with your permission, we can upload your new covers FOR YOU every month so you can worry about other things!




Change your Facebook Covers every month

Your Business, Endless Possibilities


    post details of your promotion or sale where everyone can see it


    short quotes from real people who love your business


    new summer hours? closed for the holidays? let them know!


    Updated health or store policies due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis


    tell your customers about a new service you offer


    showcase a photo and description of your new product


    feature an employee of the month with a smiling photo 


    do you have a happy customer?  Put up a photo and a short quote 


    put your festive spirit on display



    show your customers you care for the community with a cause you support


    announce your anniversary, celebrate local graduates


  • AND MORE.....

    the sky's the limit!

Personalize with your colors, motto, logo, photos, etc.

​All while unifying your branding

and being consistent across multiple platforms!

Social Covers

Find the plan that’s right for you.

Included with all of our products is promotion of your business on our Social Media Platforms.


We hope to make your Social Media less of a headache and more of a success for your business. 


Try our services today!

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Pay with PayPal or any major credit card; payments processed through Stripe or PayPal.

Exceptional Customer Service

 Our goal is to serve your Social Media advertising needs with integrity and quality.

We're not happy until you're happy!

FREE  Facebook Cover

Test drive our services for free when you sign up for a Free Facebook Cover for your business ($99 each after first)

Valued at $399

Yours for:



Customize with your Business Logo

Add a photo, text, or info of your choice

Pick your favorite colors

Choose a Theme

Full Set of Social Covers

Like what you see? Buy the entire set of Social Covers.

Valued at $499 Yours for:


Currently offering Facebook, Google My Business

LinkedIn Business and User, YouTube, Twitter

Includes free Instagram post

Consistent, Customized Branding

Monthly Subscription for Facebook Covers

Save money and time while increasing your Social Media activity by subscribing to our services

Valued at $399 monthly, but Yours for only


Includes Facebook only or your choice of another platform 

Updates automatically on your monthly subscription date 

Monthly Subscription for all Social Media Covers

Save money and time while increasing your Social Media activity by subscribing to our services

Valued at $499 monthly, but Yours for only


Includes ALL Social Media Covers currently offered

Optimized automatically across platforms and devices

Consistent Branding with YOUR Business assets

Automatic updates  DONE FOR YOU

Your Happiness 

is Our Success

Our Promise to You:

Here at Beta Virtual Assistance, our goal is to serve your business needs with phenomenal customer service and outstanding professional-quality products that deliver exceptional results for you.  We offer multiple package levels. Start with one of our complementary products and observe how much value it provides to your business, then upgrade once you're sure it will work for your situation.

Once you've upgraded to a paid product and due to the nature of digital advertising products, we do not offer refunds, so please check carefully for typos, errors, etc. before paying (or contact us to fix errors if you discover them later.)  Proofs of all products are provided for your review before payment is due. If you subscribe to one of our monthly packages you may cancel at any time before your next payment is due.  (Payments are due 5 business days before your current subscription period ends.)