I’m Jessica Freeman, owner and chief-mischief maker at Beta Virtual Assistance. As a life-long learner and devourer of knowledge, I am so glad to have this opportunity to use my powers for good to help small business owners with their Social Media needs and online presence.

I’ve been a small business solopreneur for years, working as a substitute organist and part-time accompanist in addition to teaching organ and piano lessons to local kids in Syracuse, NY and Lincoln, NE.  As the only person taking care of my business, I always put off setting up my own business website. I knew it was probably a good idea in this day and age, but it just sounded too complicated!


Last year, after purchasing and/or consuming a few too many online classes, “bundles”, and free webinars and trainings, I became obsessed with learning how to take my small-time business online to expand my reach.  This culminated in a purchase last November of my very own first website!


Unfortunately, I was still too scared to take action and DO anything with the website. Wordpress was not terribly intuitive and was NOT producing quick, beautiful results.  Besides, I’d been teaching for a long time and gotten away without a website….why change now?  My website sat there, neglected. But over the winter holidays, I started to develop a new idea to get myself online.

You see, I’m also a mom to three charming musicians who are rapidly maturing into adulthood.  When one child took off to be an exchange student in Spain and another child started attending a fancy music school in England, I suddenly had more time on my hands.  And I had a third child left behind at home.  I began to think that HE needed something special to do.  What about teaching him to be an entrepreneur?


Suddenly, my research took on a new purpose: I would help him start an online business and teach him what I knew about bookkeeping and other “virtual” services (jobs that can be performed online for anyone in the world).  We talked about a name and came up with BETA Virtual Assistance which would offer services of online Bookkeeping, Editing (papers, videos, music scores, etc.), Transcripts (surely we could type up some for someone?), And more.  


Gabriel designed a logo, we put up our first webpage, and I wrote a blog post about some of my many adventures as a nonprofit treasurer.  We even found a friend who needed bookkeeping services and drew up a contract for our first client!

Covid Pandemic mask safe health virus covid 19

Suddenly my world travelers’ journeys were cut short and they were both sent home.  


And I had NO motivation to do anything except worry.


And devour more online content, read more articles, develop more knowledge…


…That wasn’t doing anyone any good.


I despaired about finding any clients, especially with so many businesses in so much economic trouble.


I worried about our local economy.  


I worried about the future that my children have to look forward to.

despair exhaustion tired worry

At the end of the summer, my webinar watching and email reading finally paid off.


I found a service that I could confidently sell online.


A service that would help the small businesses that I am so worried about.


You see, from what I can tell and from talking to the small business owners I know, they just don’t have the time or patience to do much online.  They’re busy running the day-to-day logistics of their business.  Sure, they have a website and maybe a Facebook page, but they haven’t had much time to make those assets work for them.


At the same time, more customers are searching for businesses online, checking them out on Social Media, and making sure they are still open and active.  And they notice when a business doesn't look active or up-to-date online.


What if I could offer these small businesses services that would take care of their online presence for them? Spread their branding across Social Media platforms, automate posts so they look active, busy, and thriving to any customers who find them online, and unify their message without the headache of having to babysit their online assets themselves?


Well, I found a service that does just that AND is easy enough to teach to my son so he can learn the ropes with me.  Now your small business can look as professional as those big businesses that have all those expensive designers working for them for $1000’s per month.


And we can do it at a fraction of the cost.


With access to our service combined with all the learning and research I have performed over the last two years, I can now confidently say that we can solve your Social Media and online headaches.  We can work with you to develop a plan for your online assets to be visible, relevant, and consistently branded.

  • Social Media Covers

    We provide fully customized covers (the big pictures on everyone’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platform profiles) that advertise a business’s reputation, hours of service, Covid policies, and more.  Your Social Media is consistently branded across all platforms.


    (Recommended updates at least 1x month)

  • Automated Social Media Posts

    We provide a list of posts for your industry and schedule them to automatically post on your Social Media accounts.  You can pre-approve the content or trust us to choose the articles for you according to our best practices research (a curated mix of inspiration, education, and more).


    (Recommended postings averaging 2x’s per day across platforms)

  • Complete Social Media Management

    Hate babysitting your Social Media?  Let us check on it for you!  We check your accounts daily to respond to comments, like your posts, and notify you of any important messages.

  • Mobile-friendly website design and hosting

    We convert your current website into a mobile-friendly design for all your customers who are seeing it on their various devices.  We also provide hosting, SSL certificates, backups, and everything else you might need so you don’t have to do your website on your own.  Send us your updates and we’ll post them for you.

  • Targeted ads, Pinterest Strategies, and more

    Assistance and advice regarding targeted Facebook ads, Pinterest strategies, and more ways that you can reach your ideal customers and let them know you are open and ready to solve their problems.



If you like what you see and would like to talk about your needs, contact us today!


Beta Virtual Assistance, Your Happiness is our Success