benefits emailing your customers every day: brand awareness

“Why in the world would you do that?!”​


Here’s some reasons that I have learned recently about why writing your list of subscribers a minimum of every day is so important:

Constant contact builds relationships with your customers for small business

Why would you want to overwhelm your customers with daily emails and Social Media posts?

We cannot trust that our emails are so vitally important that our customers are opening every single one.


It’s so easy to get overwhelmed on a particular day or week and not open any emails from someone, even if they’re your best buddy.


If you write only once a week, you could be unlucky enough to NEVER have your emails opened by your readers!


Readers who don’t know who you are can’t find the solutions that you offer.


In the meantime,

....that customers need a certain number of “touchpoints” with a company before they will feel comfortable buying from that company.


It used to be that a customer needed, on average, about 12 touchpoints (contact) with a brand.


(Touchpoints being a billboard, an ad on tv or in the newspaper, seeing the brand on a store shelf, etc.)


Nowadays, they say it is up to 36 touchpoints!!!!


Luckily, we now have Social Media and email marketing tools that can help us speed up our brand recognition.


Instead of waiting until they stumble across our products at a store (assuming we have physical products), 


We can  reach out to our customers more often by email and by being on several Social Media platforms and posting regularly.


The more we are seen, the more we will be familiar, and the more likely we are to be trusted, when the time is right, to provide a solution for our customers.

how important is your social media and constant contact with your customers?

Readers who

don’t know

who you are

can’t find the solutions

that you offer.

email a lot to meet your customers and spread your brand

Since we know our customers are busy people, just like us, we businesses don’t need to make our emails about our ego.  


Our customers may see our email and read it.


Or they may see it and plan to read it later.


Or they may miss a lot of our emails.


As long as we are providing value as often as we can, our customers will be learning a little bit about who we are and what we can do for them.


And when the time is right,


And they go looking for us,


Because they remember us talking about something related to what their current problem is,


Then they will find us,


And WE can be their solution!


Because we’re here for them.


Whenever they need us.

Anyways, it’s not an ego trip to see if our customers will open all our emails.


They will probably open some.  And hopefully get something out of those.


But they will NEVER know who we are, if we don’t try to reach them WHERE they are.


Which is in their inbox.


(and on Social Media!)


Speaking of Social Media,


If you’re anything like me, you do NOT want to spend a lot of time on Social Media!


We are currently exploring options that will help you automate your Social Media so you can achieve your goals:


Less time on Social Media


While still being more visible


across platforms


so that your customers are getting to know you and trust you.


If you’d like more information, send us an email!


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Jessica Freeman

Owner, Beta Virtual Assistance

Jessica is a small business owner who is passionate about helping other small business owners with their online presence, including everything from mobile-friendly websites to automating and systematizing their Social Media posts across platforms so customers recognize their brand consistently.  Small Business Owners have enough other things to worry about.  If you're tired of a haphazard mishmash of online posts that seem to be a hit or miss with your customers, contact Jessica about your options today!