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OCT 14, 2020

OCT 16, 2020

Worried about your crypto taxes? Bought Bitcoin and need to report it?

OCT 23 / by Jessica Freeman

Learn the one foundational strategy everyone should know to build a rock-solid financial future without worrying, stressing, or spending lots of time and money on research and money managers.

SEP 7 /  by Jessica Freeman

From a total cryptocurrency novice to someone who is actually doing this: come read about where I started, where I ended up, and why The Plan is the only investing course I am recommending to all of my true friends. 

JULY 7 /  by Jessica Freeman

Are mornings the sad start to an unproductive and exhausting day?  Check out this post to see how all that could change for you when you put in place the suggestions in this famous book.  From Life S.A.V.E.R.S. to habit hints, you may surprise yourself!

JUN 18 /  by Jessica Freeman

I don't know if you've been poking around on the internet much, but I have been impressed by all the printables that are available now. So many creative and pretty planners, journals, coloring books, and more. I couldn't resist any more!  I want to share some of my finds and creations with you!